Self-trust Coaching & Mentorship

I offer coaching to individuals who want to increase their self-trust during difficult times of anxiety.   As your coach, I assist you in setting specific goals, inspiring you from my own life stories, and helping you to find strength and resilience.

I empower my clients to take charge of their beliefs and thoughts to develop a new attitude. We do this all from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer.  Mentoring is short-term and intended to inspire.

As someone who has lived through some of the darkest days of anxiety, panic, obsessive and intrusive thoughts, I know where you have been.  Having a mentor who has been in your shoes is an invaluable experience.

In martial arts, an aspiring master will train with someone who has mastered the techniques themselves.  An aspiring principal violinist in the philharmonic will study with a virtuoso.  Likewise, learning new skills to manage worry and master confidence can be achieved through an experienced coach.

What is coaching?


In the context of anxiety/stress management, a good behavioral or wellness coach will use strength-based approaches to motivate and help clients loosen the grip of self-defeating thoughts.  My goal is to help anxious clients trust their mind and learn to practice the art of mindfulness.  I help my clients create their unique path to finding inner strength. I inspire you to discover that anxiety hero within.  We bring to light the things that are holding you back. Together, we design action plans to help build self-esteem, stay on track with your current therapist, and release the anxiety warrior within.

Concepts from cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and self-esteem psychology are used to empower clients in the face of fear.  Just as a strong immune system of the body creates resilience towards disease, a strong psychological immune system creates resilience towards stress.  Coaching and mentorship can help a client build a strong psychological immune system.


How does life coaching or mentorship differ from therapy?­

Coaches and therapists both use different cognitive behavioral techniques and motivational interviewing to help clients reach their goals.  Therapy is clinical. Coaching comes out of the human potential movement and focuses more on strengths, goals, breakthrough successes, positive attitudes, and motivation.  
Although, each practitioner works differently, traditional therapy tends to be more analytical and helps resolve past issues using counseling and medical models.  Family/relationship issues are often a big part of the focus of psychotherapy. It is also more passive and reflective.  A mentor/coach brings their own personal life experience to the table.  If you have seen an athletic coach in action, you are aware of a certain motivational support that differs from counseling.     
Psychotherapy is great, especially for people who are resistant to change. But the health industry is changing and many people are interested in motivation, mindfulness training, personal growth approaches to healing, and other alternative ways of managing stress.   

It’s all about creating your own dream-team.  Therapists and coaches are both part of your team and I always encourage my clients to continue working with or taking on a psychotherapist, professional counselor, psychiatrist, yoga instructor, or anyone else for their anxiety dream-team.  You are ultimately the healer so choose who you would like to be on your team.


Payment & Scheduling


I offer a free 20 minute consultation to see if we are a good match.  Payment is generally done through PayPal.  The cost for mentorship/coaching is $49 per session.  Sessions are conducted for 50 minutes. Scheduling if flexible and communication is done through the phone.


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