The Cool Anxiety Attitude





How healing anxiety and depression is much like healing a cold:

Anxiety and depression hurt. Emotional pain can often feel worse than physical pain. When we are in physical pain, we know that this is a symptom of an underlying condition. For physical pain, we see a medical practitioner and they diagnose us with something. They begin treatment and recommend lifestyle changes such as diet/exercise/time-off, etc. If medical intervention does not fully heal the problem, we seek other/alternative forms of treatment. Regardless of your condition, the immune system plays a vital role in healing.


When we boost our immune system, we heal quicker. The best way to overcome a cold is to allow your immune system to do the work. Your immune system is like a personal army, guarding against outside invaders.






It goes to the rescue, healing the sources of your pain. Much like the immune system of your physical body, we can think of the mind as having an immune system. We can think of anxiety and depression as the 'symptoms' of something deeper, just as a sore throat, headache, and fatigue are symptoms of a cold. Just as we boost the physical immune system with things like diet, exercise, rest, meditation, and supplements, there are ways to boost the mind's immune system. But approaching the immune system of the mind is quite a different process. Aside from healing our physical immune system (something worth doing), we must also perform certain behavioral practices to boost the mind's immunity.


I developed a unique approach to healing worry and depression after many unsuccessful attempts to reduce my emotional pain with conventional techniques. The conventional techniques focused heavily on managing symptoms but I wanted a holistic approach. I wanted to find a specific set of practices that would act as my own personal army to defend against the sources of my emotional pain and reduce recurrence. I didn't just want to help my symptoms, because symptoms are only signals of a deeper issue. I also don't like to think about approaching emotional problems in such terms as, 'attacking anxiety.' Remember, anxiety is a symptom. We do not 'attack' a symptom (like a symptom of a cold). We manage symptoms and work on healing the immune system through lifestyle changes. Similarly, we can approach anxiety and depression in the exact same way.


What gets the immune system of the mind going? Very specific behaviors and actions that enrich our self-trust. Self-trust is medicine. Self-trust is nutrition. Self-trust is peace of mind. Self-trust heals. It teaches us how to approach our darkest fears with courage and compassion.


My goal is for you to work at your own pace, become more comfortable with uncertainty, and release the anxiety hero within.


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